Spring 2019 Membership Letter

MAY 2019

The 6th and 7th Lake Improvement Association, Inc., PO Box 164, Inlet, NY 13360

Dear Neighbors:

On behalf of the 6th and 7th Lake Improvement Association Board, we are pleased to provide this 2019 annual membership letter.    We hope the winter season has treated you well and we look forward to a fast approaching summer season.

Last year we sent this membership letter via email to those members for whom we had addresses.  We found the response rate and membership dues suffered as a result so this year we are going back to US Mail for all.

Now in its second year, we also have our fully functioning website,


Please take the time to check this out.  You will also see there is a new email address.  Feel free to send us ideas, suggestions, even photos or other content you would like to share to 6and7lakes@gmail.com .  Our website is only as good as we make it!  We hope you like what you see and know that we will be working to make this even better over time.  The site also has a payment feature through which you can contribute to the Association and pay annual dues.

We continue to strive to increase membership and community engagement by broadening our reach and visibility.  Truth be told, of the total eligible population around our lakes, only about 50% of us choose to support the Association.  It is certainly meant to be voluntary but we suspect that a portion of our community may not be fully aware of what we are trying to do on our collective behalf, in spite of our best efforts to communicate.  So, we are asking for your help here.  Please remind/encourage your neighbors about our Association as we all benefit from broader and more inclusive membership.

We also welcome volunteers to join us on our Board especially as a number of our Board members are approaching term limits.

Mark your calendars – our Annual Association Meeting/Picnic will be on Saturday August 3rd at Fern Park.  The Annual Association Meeting will commence at 1100 AM, followed by a Community Picnic at 1200 PM.

2019 Membership

Your membership contributions are important we ask that you join or renew for 2019 now. Suggested contributions are as follows:

Membership Dues                  $20.00

Fireworks                                  25.00

Milfoil Project                           20.00

Handicap Dock                                      20.00

    Total                        $85.00                                                    

Please send your membership contributions to:

The 6th and 7th Lake Improvement Association, Inc., PO Box 164, Inlet, NY 13360


On-Line through our website

Thank you for your support and we urge you to join or renew your 2019 membership as soon as able.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the other Board Members.  Otherwise, I wish you a happy Spring and Summer 2019, and look forward to seeing you the August 3rd Meeting/Picnic.


Lowell McBurney

President,  The  6th and 7th Lake Improvement Association, Inc.