Sandy Beach Stewardship

Aluminum Dock Installation

Each Spring, (We try and make it around Memorial Day) members of the board and their families get together and pull the Sandy Beach docks out of storage.

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Wooden Dock

The wooden dock is floated around from it's protected winter location and placed into it's summer spot. Supporting pipes are then hammered in.

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Sandy Beach Seventh Lake
D. McDermott
Sandy Beach Seventh Lake D. McDermott

Stewardship of the Beach


The Board works with the DEC in signage and small maintenance concerns around the beach. It''s your responsibility to help keep it clean. At the very least, carry out what you carry in. If you see some trash, please help us keep the area in it's pristine form and do some extra picking up.

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Seventh Lake Sandy Beach


With prevailing westerly winds, many of the west-to-east bodies of water have sandy beaches on their east shores. Wave action and erosion create areas of smooth sandy water bottom which is terrific for swimming. The combination of shallow water and the west wind driving warmer surface water over to the east side of the lake tends to produce great water for swimming, particularly during the prime of the summer. On average, the warmest time of the year in the northeastern United States is about a two week stretch which runs from the third week of July and into the first week of August. (Good time to plan your vacation.)

Sandy Beach Aerial